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Cryo Aesthetics

Whether you’re getting ready for a night on the town, heading to a special event, or just want to make heads turn as you walk by, we provide a range of services to get you looking your best.  We will cool a targeted area of the body to 4° using carbon dioxide to stimulate the body’s natural body response. Stimulation of the basal cells in the skin rejuvenates the production of collagens, elastin and hydration in the epidermis, smoothing, filling out and invigorating the skin, as well as producing regrowth of dormant and stunted hair growth when targeting the scalp. 

Benefits Of Kaasen Esthetics

  • Fast & Effective

  • Aggressive Treatment Without Downtime

  • Minimize Pores & Tighten Skin

  • Get 'That' Natural Glow

  • Promote Blood Circulation

  • Helps Heal Acne & Skin Disorder

  • Reduce Inflammation & Puffiness

  • Soften & Condition Skin & Hair

  • Reduce Uneven Skin Tone

  • Helps Headaches / Migranes

Check out what we offer below. 

Non-invasive & No medication required.

Bride and Groom
Female belly with pregnancy stretch marks closeup on a gray background.jpg

Stretch Marks

Improved skin texture and tone: Revive U Cryo utilizes cryotherapy to improve skin texture and tone in the area of the stretch marks. Cryotherapy increases blood circulation, promoting oxygen and nutrient delivery to skin cells. 

Young girl with acne, with red and white spots on the back.jpg

Body Acne

There are three main goals with acne treatment.  That’s to help heal lesions, prevent new lesions from forming, and avoid scarring. Cryotherapy can benefit each of those three goals.

detail of a scar on the clavicle.jpg


This scar treatment technique uses liquid nitrogen to cool a scar and its adjacent tissues to below-freezing temperatures. Medical professionals recommend cryotherapy during the early stages of keloid scar formation as the treatment may flatten the affected tissues and stop them from developing.

Upset long-haired millennial asian woman holding hairbrush, closeup shot. Young korean lad

Hair Rejuvination

If you have been experiencing any kind of hair loss, this could be a game changer.  Cryotherapy is an effective treatment for alopecia patches—and it’s a simple and non-invasive option. It can be considered as a meaningful therapeutic modality for alopecia areata, especially when the disease status is mild.

Teenage girl with acne problem on beige background, closeup.jpg

Facial Acne

There are three main goals with acne treatment and that’s to help heal lesions, prevent new lesions from forming, and avoid scarring -- cryotherapy can benefit each of those three goals.

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