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Pain Management, Skin Conditions, Energy Boost & Mood Enhancer

Non-invasive & No medication required.

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Pain Management 

Pain management at Revive U Cryo is achieved by stimulating thermal shock in the affected area by spraying a dry vapor of carbon dioxide (CO2) at -108F/-78C directly onto the skin of the affected area. The skin and underlying tissues will be cooled to less than 39F/4C in around 30 seconds. The affected area will be exposed to 90-second streams of vapor using a freeze-thaw technique.

The treatments are powered by cryo-stimulation - a medical treatment used for immediate pain relief to help improve mobility and aid recovery. The cold treatment encourages the release of hormones, including noradrenaline and

Beta-Endorphins, which are powerful natural pain killers. Cryostimulation also reduces systemic inflammation and muscle tension while stimulating an immediate improvement in blood flow and lymphatic drainage.  


  • Minimum of five sessions are suggested for effective results.

  • Effective outcome requires treatment to be carried out 2-7 days apart.

  • Further top-off treatments may be required for long-term effective management.


  • Your initial appointment will be for 10 - 30 minutes depending on the specific treatment.


  • Only need to expose the affected area.

  • It'll feel chilly, but nothing too extreme!

  • No downtime or recovery time is needed.

  • Rapid easing of pain and discomfort, pain-free increased range of motion.


  • Pain Relief

  • Muscle Relaxation

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Increased Range of Pain-Free Motion

  • Sense of Wellbeing

Close up image of skin texture suffering severe urticaria or hives or kaligata. Allergy sy

Skin Conditions

You know what you'd like to change. We know the best way to do it. Revive U experts will help you choose from a wide range of non-invasive treatments designed to help you feel effortlessly confident and beautiful every day. 

Close up image of skin texture suffering severe urticaria or hives or kaligata. Allergy sy
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Energy Boost & Mood Enhancer

Experience Revive U's invigorating treatment that will revitalize your spirit., enhance your mood, and give you that boost of energy you desire. Whether you are looking for a boost before a big event or game, or just want to feel great, this treatment will do the trick. A great lunch hour treat for yourself.

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